since 1967 Property purchase lake maggiore

Property purchase lake maggiore

Property purchase lake maggiorewith IMITALIA, since 1967. Check our offers on the right side -->

The head office of our contracting business and agent office is located in Luino. We have close connections to land and people and thereby can offer our clients best counselling and a lot of advantages. As a local company we are not only optimally informed about political incentives, we are although able to build new houses and housing complexes faster than other businesses.

Property purchase lake maggiorewith IMITALIA, since 1967.

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  • property purchase lake maggiore
  • free estimation of your property
  • free estimation of your property
  • fast, safe processing
  • Individual consultation for acquisition of houses and apartments
  • Architectural planning and rebuilding
  • Renting of real estates for holidays or short periods
  • our wide after-sale service
  • Public authorities contacts
  • Translations
  • Transfer of heritage and donations
  • Consultation on tax or legal issues
  • Financing
  • Insurances

Use the advantages that a group of international specialists under German leadership build your house in Italy: exact price calculation; individual architectural arrangements and building according to you wishes; versatile range of building sites; apartments and villas; solid and weatherproofed execution of construction work; secured construction dates, quick implementation; negotiations with authorities (municipality, local tax office etc.), support in all legal queries.

IMITALIA can guarantee the following services:

IMITALIA was founded in 1967 by Ing. Lothar Luz, since then we have built and mediated villas, bungalows and apartments for international customers (German, Swiss, French, Belgian, Dutch, Italian, American etc.) at Lake Maggiore.
Since 1998, Dr. Leonardo Luz the son of the founder Ing. Lothar Luz has joined the company ensuring a young and dynamic company for the next 30 years.

With the support of our competent staff, we construct streets, provide water and energy supply and the development of land. Under the direction of multilingual construction engineers we erect houses of premium quality.

Property purchase lake maggioreand quality real estate service with IMITALIA, since 1967.

However IMITALIA can offer you an even fuller service. Whether it is alteration, planning a garden or to purchase furniture, electronic equipment or a boat. You do not need to worry about anything. IMITALIA will clear the way for a joyful living in Italy.

We carry out all needed services until Italy has become your second home.
We rent, administrate and insure your house or apartment and take care of a good rate of return.

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Lake Maggiore with its length of 65 km and amplitude of 11 km is Italy’s second-largest lake. A fifth of the lake is located in the Italian-speaking Switzerland Ticino, the other part is Italian territory. Secured from the Alps, the lake provides ideal mixture of Mediterranean and alpine climate. Lake Maggiore has attracted tourists with its Mediterranean charm for over hundred of years. European artists and writers , from Frisch to Highsmith, from Hesse to Remarque, also rich industrialists and noblemen have chosen their residence here. The most beautiful lake of Italy has an incredible appeal.


With about 15.000 Inhabitants Luino is the biggest City on the east bank of Lake Maggiore. As from the 19th century, the city situated at the estuary of the river Tresa has developed into a residential and tourism centre. Luino is famous for its weekly market on Wednesday, where you can find everything from clothing, special leather goods and shoes to household items and Italian specialities.


On the official Lago-website ( ) you can find interesting information about Lake Maggiore and detailed event-guide. Our tip: The webcam shows live-pictures from the lakeside.